Asset Finance | Finance the Assets that your business needs.

Asset finance is a type of finance that is used to obtain equipment for your business and is the third most common source of finance in this space, after bank overdrafts and loans. Around one in three small businesses that have any external borrowing use asset finance. There are several different products that fall under the asset finance umbrella that can be used to fund a broad range of equipment such as vehicles, plant and machinery and office equipment. These products include:

  • Hire Purchase
  • Finance Lease
  • Equipment Lease/Rental
  • Operating Lease
  • Asset Refinance
  • Contract Hire

Some of the benefits of Asset Finance are:  

  • It can be a flexible alternative to conventional bank lending
  • It can be secured wholly or largely on the asset being financed, reducing the requirement for additional collateral
  • It is secure for the user, as the finance cannot be recalled during the life of the agreement
  • It is sustainable because you have the option to update equipment at the end of the agreement

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