Equipment Finance

Acquire essential equipment without using upfront capital expense.

As part of our Asset Finance capability, Hexa Finance specialises in the funding of technology solutions for your business. Our technology finance products enable you to spread your payments across the useful life of your asset, meaning you can confidently commit to the equipment you need and not just what you have budgeted for on any given day. Asset Finance was historically used to fund tangible “Hard Asset” such as Vehicles and Plant & Machinery etc. whereas now it is much more common to finance all types of business-critical equipment.

Since ‘softer’ assets often depreciate quickly it makes sense to use leasing solutions to procure assets such as Telephony, IT Hardware/ Software and Office Equipment. It is not only the equipment and software that can be financed, Hexa can also facilitate the funding of certain upfront services such as installation, training and consultancy which are critical to many technology projects.

As your business grows, it is likely that you will need to upgrade your technology or invest in additional technology which can be costly. At Hexa, we work closely with our clients to understand their upgrade path and equipment lifecycle to provide flexible and cost-effective finance options.

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