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The team at Hexa Finance has over 30 years combined experience helping equipment suppliers provide tailored and competitive finance products to their business clients. Having worked at both leading global lenders and independent financiers we like to think we have a pretty balanced view of the market and what is available. It is not just the relationships we have with lenders that are important for you as a supplier, but it is also our ability to help find the right lender depending on the profile of your client. With all of our equipment supplier relationships we are flexible in how we support you. Whether you are looking for a partner that can become an extension of your business on a white labelled basis or someone you call on when needed, both options are available.

Whilst our background and experience is focused more towards technology suppliers such as IT, Telecommunications and Office Equipment we do have access to financial products and services that can be beneficial to any supplier. There is no minimum deal size with Hexa and the duration of our finance agreements vary depending on the type of equipment you are providing and the customer you are providing it to.

So, why not get in touch with Hexa Finance to find out more about our business and why we feel our offering is a little different in todays market.

“Prior to starting my career in asset finance, I spent time working for technology resellers in the channel. During this time, it was pretty apparent that obtaining finance was often a lengthy and complicated process that could put a deal at risk. That experience proved vital in helping me understand the importance a good customer experience and it has been at the forefront of my mind ever since. Hexa Finance was built utilising all that experience plus the addition of market leading technology to make sure that your customers have the best experience, every single time. We want our suppliers to be confident in our ability to manage their clients, giving them the comfort to buy from you and helping you see finance more clearly”

Stuart Mason | Co-Founder

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