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About Hexa Finance

Hexa Finance are a dynamic financial services and consultancy business that has been built on decades of experience working at some of the largest global lessors and independent financiers.

About Hexa

Whether you are a business looking for competitive finance solutions or are a supplier of equipment looking to provide trusted finance options to your clients, Hexa Finance has you covered. We also have a range of outsourced and advisory products that will help suppliers, lenders and banks deliver the very best service and experience to their clients, whilst also keeping on top of the ever-increasing risk and regulatory environment.

Business Finance and Equipment Finance are key to helping the economy in the UK grow, and there has never been a more important time to support UK businesses. To find out more about our products and services, simply fill out this enquiry form and one of the Hexa Finance team will be in touch. Also we are more than happy to hear from you by email.

We look forward to working with you.

Meet the team

Stuart Mason, Co-Founder

Stu has over 18 years experience in the B2B finance space, having held senior positions at GE Capital, Macquarie and BNP Paribas prior to setting up Hexa. Stu has overall responsibility for all things commercial at Hexa, including the growth of our direct and supplier relationships and joint venture partnerships.

Stu is definitely outnumbered in his house with his four girls and has a passion for NFL. 

Ben Davies, Co-Founder

Ben set up Hexa with Stu in November 2020, having previously worked together at GE Capital and Macquarie. Ben has overall operational responsibility at Hexa which includes leading our team and promoting our services within the local community.

Ben has two young children and recently completed the London Marathon. 

Adrian Monger, Associate Director

Adrian joined Hexa in July 2021 as our first recruit in the role of Associate Director having previously worked with Co-Founders Ben and Stu at Macquarie. Adrian sits on the leadership team at Hexa and is the creator of our very own Hexacademy training and development programme, which will add significant value to our staff and our clients.

Outside of Hexa, Adrian can often be found struggling on the golf course and playing football at weekends.

Alex Moulder, Operations Manager

Alex joined Hexa in March 2022 as Account Executive and has recently been promoted to the role of Operations Manager to support our business growth. Alex is passionate about people development and process improvement and is excited to continue building out our operation in Newport, South Wales. 

Alex is a recent father and enjoys balancing his time between family, hitting the golf course when the weather permits and following the Formula 1 World Championship.

Gareth Burkitt, Credit Risk & Portfolio Manager

Gareth joined the business in June 2023 in the role of Credit Risk & Portfolio Manager. In his role, Gareth will be supporting our clients access the funding they need to grow as well as implementing data analytic strategies for our business. By his own admission, Gareth is a keen runner, part time cricketer, average golfer and someone that enjoys cooking and reading.