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About Hexacademy

At Hexa Finance, our team and partnerships are key to our continued success. Hexacademy is our training programme, designed to enable our team and partners to develop their knowledge.

For our staff, it allows them to grow in their roles, develop their skills and understand our core values. For partners, it gives them the tools they require to use finance as an additional sales tool in their business.

The Hexacademy covers all levels of understanding, from a first introduction to the world of finance through to the most advanced levels.

All new starters at Hexa enrol in Hexacademy Training Plan, which enables them to progress from a low to a high level of understanding and is built with mixture of theory and practical skills. This gives them a clear pathway to knowing what they need to learn to succeed at Hexa. As well as providing new starters with the Hexacademy Training Plan, our Associate Director, Adrian, provides all staff with monthly training sessions on varying topics to keep knowledge fresh.

The financial industry and the markets our partners work in are always evolving. These sessions ensure that we evolve with them and remain one step ahead. The quality, experience and knowledge of our people is what enables Hexa to continue to provide the very best service.

Building long-lasting relationships with our partners and clients is essential to the growth of Hexa. That’s why the programme is also open to our external partners. This is all about bosting their knowledge of finance, and how they can use it to benefit their business.

We can provide training in person with a member of the Hexa team, or via video conferencing. This helps them develop an understanding of finance to maximise their sales opportunities. If you’d like to understand more about the external services which your business could benefit from by using the Hexacademy, please get in touch with Hexa today.

Adrian Monger

Associate Director

“Having the right people in your business and investing in the right people and their development is the key to a successful business. Building the Hexacademy enables us to give back to our people and ensure they keep moving forward. The Hexacademy has also enabled us to strengthen relationships with our partners and clients as they develop their understand of finance for use in their businesses.”

Zach McClymont

Junior Account Executive and first Hexacademy student

“Having joined Hexa Finance with no prior experience in leasing or equipment finance, it was amazing to have an in depth training programme that covered the foundational skills I needed to start my finance career, but also the content to help me continue to develop and grow.”

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