Welcome to the newest member of the team, Alex Moulder

Ben Davies and Alex Moulder

Left: Ben Davies, Hexa Co-Founder Right: Alex Moulder, Account Executive

Tell us a bit about your career to date and why you made the decision to join Hexa?

My career started when I left school into an apprenticeship with GE Capital Equipment Finance. Within 6 months of my apprenticeship, I was offered a full-time role in the Vendor Support team working with our office equipment vendors. From here I spent some time with our large value deal team who specialised mainly in hard assets and eventually moved into the support team for our IT and Telecoms accounts. It was here I began to work with our Directors Ben and Stu, and enjoyed supporting them but also learned a lot from them. That eventually lead to me progressing into Internal Sales and eventually running a major field account, before unfortunately, GE Capital withdrew from the market. Since what I would call the glory days, I have worked in various sales and customer supports roles but have missed the excitement and buzz of leasing. When Ben and Stu offered up the opportunity to join them and Hexa it was one I simply could not turn down.

How have the first few months been for you?

The first few months with Hexa have been amazing from the start, unfortunately, I contracted COVID in my first week, but the support from my colleagues and the flexibility of our business meant I could work through that first week to not delay my induction. Although the leasing market has changed considerably since I left in 2017, many things are still very much the same! The saying ‘like riding a bicycle‘ comes to mind, and the buzz is well and truly back.

What have you enjoyed most about your role so far?

So far I’ve enjoyed the process of bringing myself back up to speed with what I and Hexa can provide to our customers and how best to do so. I’m also re-connecting my many old faces and also some new ones which is always an exciting time.

How would you describe the culture in Hexa?

The culture at Hexa is straightforward, but in my opinion, the best I have worked under. We at Hexa always have our customers in mind but also our staff, the guys have been extremely welcoming and supportive since coming on board. The culture we believe in and work under is always that we’re honest and transparent and would only treat our customers the way we would want to be treated ourselves. I have no doubts under this culture we can grow Hexa into one of the most desirable companies to work and work with, ultimately we want to enjoy every moment of our working day, every day.

Work-life balance is the most important thing to us, tell us about the things you enjoy outside of work?

Since joining Hexa the emphasis on work-life balance has been huge! Come the weekend my activities are normally shaped by the weather. If the suns out then I’ll likely be on a golf course or out with the family, if the weather isn’t great then following the Formula 1, cricket, golf takes priority.

What are you looking forward to most about the next year?

The next year with Hexa, I feel will be all about growth, and I’m excited to see where that takes us, I strongly believe the sky is the limit for Hexa. We will have the opportunity to launch new carers and help customers grow too. Ultimately since joining Hexa, I’ve felt nothing but enjoyment within my working days and can’t wait to continue that energy into next year to see where that takes us.

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