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The pandemic both helped and hindered businesses. It seems hard to believe it but some companies incorporated during the pandemic and have helped other businesses benefit during the turbulent period. One of which was Hexa Finance, who have now been operating as a business for a year.

Hexa Finance are a dynamic financial services and consultancy business that specialize in helping clients finance business critical equipment and access a range of other lending products.

Ben Davies, Co-Founder of Hexa Finance chats to Business News Wales about some of the key business lessons that the company have learnt over their first year.

Ben Davies

Ben adds that…

“It might sound a bit strange starting a business during a pandemic but [they] felt that this decision was relatively straight forward for a few reasons. Having been through a redundancy and watched lenders change direction and appetite, [they] wanted to control [their] own destiny.”

Ben describes how at Hexa Finance, the team provide financial products and consultancy services that have been built on decades of experience, working at some of the largest global lessors and respected independent financiers. He stresses how Hexa Finance’s smarter lending solutions enable businesses of all sizes to access the funding and advisory services they need to overcome their challenges and meet their aspirations.

But what advice would Ben give to other businesses who have started during the pandemic?

“When we first started Hexa, I wrote a blog series that detailed how to start a business in lockdown. Creating a business plan, speaking to people etc. only helps you so far but when you actually start, that is when the learning begins.”

Ben describes how his team have benefited from partnering with other local businesses who provide outsourced service that have helped Hexa grow.

“In terms of direct clients, there really isn’t any bias in the types of clients that we support. During the last 12 months, we have helped all manner of businesses with financing. We’ve been really pleased to help those who have been affected most due to the pandemic. The most important thing for us is that the equipment our clients are buying makes sense!”

As a service business, Ben states that Hexa Finance prides itself on being able to speak to clients and he encourages businesses to get in touch to discuss upcoming funding required.

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