Ideal4Finance Partnership Press Release

Two innovative and progressive players in the UK financial services market have teamed up to launch a new venture set to revolutionise the commercial broker/client relationship.

Ideal4Finance Commercial, a partnership, between Ideal4Finance in Preston and Hexa Finance Ltd in Newport, takes a pioneering approach to lead generation and relationship management in the commercial arena.

Ideal4Finance is one of the UK’s leading consumer finance brokers, with 15 years’ experience of delivering effective customer finance solutions to SMEs across the UK and internationally. Their lead generation and customer relationship strategy has enabled them to scale the business significantly since conception.

Established during lockdown in 2020, Hexa Finance grew out of a fierce appetite to help businesses navigate their way through challenging times. A financial services and consultancy business, they soon cemented themselves in the UK finance market and have already supported over 3000 UK businesses across 27 different industry sectors.

Both companies already work with direct clients and B2B suppliers and believe this new venture brings together particular areas of expertise to enable them to offer an unparalleled service to UK business seeking commercial finance solutions.

“This joint venture plays very much to the strengths of those involved and we are delighted to be working with Hexa,” says Noel Corcoran, CEO of Ideal4Finance. “Our focus will be on accelerating lead generation activity and nurturing relationships with our B2B partners to ensure a healthy, high-yielding pipeline.

“We know our partners at Hexa have the expertise to identify the finance products those customers need and are exceptionally well placed to process large numbers of commercial finance transactions.”

Ben Davies and Stu Mason are the co-founders of Hexa Finance. Ben says: “Ideal4Finance very successfully use client-facing technology in their consumer finance operation to create a seamless customer journey. By replicating this for commercial clients, we are making it so much easier for them to enquire about finance.

“Combine this with our intuitive understanding of clients’ needs and our ability to secure them the right deal quickly, and we have what looks like the perfect model for meeting client requirements.”

Both parties believe that Ideal4Finance Commercial could transform the commercial finance landscape for UK businesses, making it easier for merchants to offer finance to their customers and therefore increase sales. It will be also an attractive proposition for lenders in the UK.

“Our commercial team have been building new lender relationships in anticipation of the deal flow expected to come from this new partnership, and our funders are very enthusiastic to see how this venture develops,” says Stu.

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