Hexa are helping a local school build the next generation of entrepreneurs

Who are 2B Enterprising and why did HEXA become a partner?

In 2022, Hexa Finance wanted to give back to the Welsh community and joined with 2B Enterprising, an organisation that aims to teach children valuable life experiences and key skills, all through workshops, talks, and resources.

2B Enterprising has many private public partnerships, and a programme called The Bumbles of Honeywood Programme, designed for businesses to help educate local schools and the next generation about the world of commerce. Amongst many valuable lessons, the programme encourages businesses to talk about the job opportunities that exist, and skills required to work in their industry, all whilst funding useful resource materials.

What was the project?

As part of this initiative, Hexa were invited to Pentrepoeth Primary School to join The Bumbles of Honeywood Programme, helping the school inspire and instil the entrepreneurial mindset in their young pupils. Since the start of the year, Hexa have been working with 2B Enterprising to deliver the enterprise programme to Pentrepoeth’s year 2 class.

The programme provides commerce focused resources, talks, education, and support to the next generation of entrepreneurs. And it’s been a fantastic investment, as showcased at the school’s bee-inspired sale event. The children put the skills and learnings they have developed across the year into practice, running the event and selling “bee” themed items such as beeswax and candles.

What was the outcome?

The programme, and Hexa’s visit to the school, have been a complete success. The resources and educational material provided have allowed the year 2 class to discover, implement, and practice a range of business skills that will continue to serve them over their lifetime.

What’s next for the partnership?

The collaboration is set to have one more session later in the year, called “Berties Big Adventure” which focuses on problem solving and teamwork.

Hexa are looking ahead at future ways they can get involved with similar initiatives and give back to the local Welsh community through collaboration and partnership.

Pentrepoeth Primary School said: “The programme has acted as a starting point to our inquiry this term – Why are bees so important? We are very grateful for the resources we have been gifted and there are a vast range of resources available; hitting a range of skills.”

CEO of 2BE, Jayne Brewer, praised Hexa’s involvement with The Bumbles of Honeywood Enterprise Programme: “Hexa Finance joined The Bumbles of Honeywood Community to support Pentrepoeth Primary School with our Enterprise programme – recognising how important it is to inspire the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

We welcome the engagement they have had to date and can see how much the schools value their support.”

Hexa’s Operations Director, Alex Moulder quoted: “Working in a fast-paced environment like financial services, it has been a complete joy taking time out of our working week to spend time with the children at Pentrepoeth. Both Ben and I have enjoyed seeing their engagement with the training modules and their confidence build throughout the year.

As a business, we are committed to building strong relationships with our local community and we couldn’t think of a better initiative to be a part of”.

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